Only a fool would venture into the bush without a good knife. truer words were never spoken. The knife from it's earliest beginnings, probably an accidental flaking of sharp flint type stone at the foot of early man, the "knife" was second only to the hammer in uses for making man's life easier.

Today we have no shortage of portable cutting tools well suited to the outdoor adventurer. As most outdoors men, I have a small selection of knives and cutting tools. Axes, Machete, Saws are very useful types of cutting tools that work with very specific movements. They do what they do better then most other tools but are very specialized, therefore I will cover them on another page.

For now lets look at Pocket and Belt Knives.

Know up front that I hold no special place in my cold heart for any particular manufacturer. Any knife I choose must stand on it's own merits of design and craftsmanship.

I used to teach a principle I called Pocket , Pack and Paw. It was simply a way for you to prioritize the importance of your kit based on how you carried it.

Items in your hand (Paw) could be dropped or left behind, Hikers do separate themselves from their Packs at times so I saw this as another opportunity to loose gear. The Pocket always seemed the place to keep those items we hold most dear.

The POCKET KNIFE will be the most used and therefore relied upon.
Choose it wisely.

This is my "Every Day Carry" knife "
The M16-10KZ folder by CRKT
Columbia River Knife and Tool

It's just an amazing little knife. Fast opening, lite, double locks, A half razor half serrated Tanto design that's very user friendly. I am never without this knife! It conforms to all laws and statutes regarding length and type so I can carry it anywhere. For Cutting, Slicing and Piercing it's hard to beat for it's price (less then $40) and feels great in the hand. It slits things open like Luke Skywalker.

For slightly bigger jobs, I carry a KERSHAW locking folder.
Price without holster $40.00

The leather rig was specially made for me and allows the knife to
be opened with one hand. It can be worn on both weak or dominate sides and is handsome (although the pic is poor)

The GERBER 4" PROFILE. A well though out gift from my Son.
A nice light Survival knife. Titanium coated for durability.
(although the sheath is lacking) I added Para cord.

The BUCK VANGUARD Zipper. My Deer Knife. The name says it all. It's like having Velcro on the animals underside. Ouch!
Price 50.00

The GERBER Multi Tool.
It's all here, from fixing fishing tackle to carburetor adjustments!
Great for producing snare sets.
Price about $40.00

The T.D.I. Tactical Defence Institute Knife by KA-BAR

This specialized "fast draw" fixed blade was designed as a Police
Officer's last defence against a perpetrator at close quarters or if he/she is in a weapons retention situation. The T.D.I. draws very fast and from almost any belt position it is carried in. I carry this in uniform all day long and don't even feel it riding under my duty belt.

The rather odd looking angle of the handle is the secret to the fast draw, it's much like a handgun and the curve gives great mechanical advantage when cutting.
Price around $45.00

Last of the list is the COLD STEEL BUSHMAN Survival Knife. Wow, did the boys at CS hit it outta the park with this one. It's a stamped piece of what CS calls carbon V and takes/holds an edge like nobodies business. I like to test my sharpening skills by shaving a small patch on my arm, if it shaves, It's good enough for me. This thing was amazing! I could shave a six inch patch down my arm without pulling a bit. Just a hiss as the hair fell to the floor..........Damn!
Whats more it holds it too. The handle of the Bushman is nothing more then a rolled continuation of the same sheet of High carbon steel the blade is made of making it super strong!

It could be configured as a spear (for stabbing not throwing) or with a longer handle for harvesting fruit high over head. I have stuffed the hollow handle full of splintered fat wood in a plastic bag and wound it with jute cord for snares or fire making, it also insulates the handle which can be cold in winter months.
You really could do it all with this knife, Shelter, Food or making other tools. It's the real thing! Price.........Less then $25.00

Take that Rambo!

Safe Travels