H2O Carrying Systems (Bottles)

H2O carrying systems…..”Water Bottles”

Call them what you will, a canteen, hydrator, flask, spun aluminum bottle. The water bottle is an important piece of equipment to the outdoor traveler. All serious outdoor hobbyists should carry water no matter how long you think you’ll be out.  There are several very good water carrying systems on the market today that appeal to any whim or philosophy.  You can be as trendy or specialized as you like and can spend big bucks doing it.  All your friends will love you even more knowing you spent fifty dollars on the flask on your hip or in the pocket of your designer back pack….not.
I say hum bug!  After trying many different types and sizes of water carrying systems I have settled on one that has the most going for it in terms of design, environmental impact, weight, cost and common sense. 

The sports drink bottle!

Readily available, designed to be carried while active with textured or ergonomic shapes that by designed fit into your bike rack, cup holder, or pack pocket. Some have wide mouth openings, some have squirt or sip tops just made to convey needed liquid to its owner as quickly and practically as possible.  All are clear to show the color (flavor) of the sport drink and entice you to purchase the cool refreshing beverage within so they are easy to keep clean and easily monitor your supply. Unlike some cheap “canteens” on the market they are certified FOOD GRADE by law and because they are containers for a retail food product, they are subject to inspection by health authorities. Some producers of plastic containers are not inspected by US health authorities, in fact some are not made in the US at all and thus the production methods/materials are never reviewed. You can be sure any “food” product sold in the US has had its production, packaging and distribution plants inspected. This plastic is safe and will not leach chemicals with use.

Sport drink bottles are tough and forgiving of hikers like me with butter fingers. I have had many survive drops from heights even onto rocks.  They have universal sized screw tops and they can be frozen repeatedly and hold up very well indeed, in fact I have two or three that I’ve used for two plus years.

Keep in mind that a team of marketing gurus has put a lot of time into the shape and style of these bottles, perhaps much more time then other outdoor equipment suppliers.  The height, diameter and human/bottle interface (opening and grip) carefully considered and tested to be user friendly.  After all, their valued product is inside and it’s all part of the package they want you coming back for.
These sport “ADE” drinks are commonly used by the outdoors community so we probably already have one or two of these in our refrigerators. Why not make good use of a good thing? It saves money, saves the environment and is by virtue of its superior design a much better water bottle. Now THAT’S trend setting!

Safe Travels  RJ Mosca