Man, Don't you just love it when someone proves the science WRONG!
I do.
The earthquake that rocked Haiti over a week ago changed many lives. Although many were lost (estimates near one hundred thousand) some that may have been and probably should have been added to that number survived!

Seven days after the quake I recall news of a child being pulled from the rubble, dehydrated but other wise well. I was amazed. What happened to the Three Days Without Water rule?? Didn't this kid know he was supposed to be dead? Evidently not and BRAVO for him!

The will to live can give us the strength to brake all the rules. Then not to be undone, several other people started popping out of the ground like turnips, an Israel rescue team pulled a man out from under a building after more then a week...alive! dehydrated to be sure but with no expiration date!
I marvel at the tenacity of man (and of course his more superior "woman") to pull through adversity when it seems even the Gods were betting against it.

It was just announced this morning that yet another man was freed from under the remains of his home after twelve (12!) days. AMEN!
Now I hear the Haitian government has announced that rescue effort have been suspended in the most severely effected areas, and a "recovery" mission has begun.

Well, All I can say is after seeing these "dead people" talking-drinking and in some cases walking around after being unearthed is.........DON'T SELL EM SHORT!
The strength shown by these people is both admirable and worthy of our best efforts. If you are able to contribute anything as relief for the Haitian people, please contact the or and ask how you might help.

To talk about survival is interesting, entertaining and fun. To help others survive in times of crisis is necessary, noble and a privilege! Some problems CAN be overcome by throwing money at it.
We are our brothers keeper.
And to the many rescue teams, searchers-diggers-riggers-handlers-operators-medical and support staff of all nations but particularly the volunteers from the good old USA that RUSHED to help the people of Haiti, I must say,
I just could not be more proud of you! That's who we are!
May our Gods, whoever/whatever you call him/her be merciful

Safe Travels

Photos by US NAVY
Specialist first class Joshua Lee Kelsey and Specialist second class Justin Stumberg