Survivor LED torch (Flashlight)

Over the years I have collected many personal lights. Some have been better than others but all
were serviceable and I’ve found uses for them all. Each and every bag, pack,pouch I carry has its own dedicated light. What I look for in a personal light is simple and I think just about what most seasoned outdoor travels and adventurers look for.
The light must have adequate output for its intended task.
It must be rugged enough to survive rough handling and the elements.
It should have a fair light to battery life ratio (for its intended use).
It should have at least fair ergonomics.
In this category which would include pocket, neck or backpack “task” lights, the options are
many and give the buyer a great selection to choose from. If you are like me, you never go anywhere without light and you also have a collection of lights to serve many needs and
rightly so.
I go nowhere without a MICROSTREAM clipped to my tee shirt under my clothes or a PROTON on a length of para cord around my neck.
If you are a regular reader of this Blog you may know I like the GERBER “Extreme Task” and
the GERBER “RECON” multi filter tactical lights. Both of these AA battery pocket torches are
bomb proof and well designed. Their output is good for the intended use and battery
life is very good indeed.
So what’s new from GERBER?
Well the other day I was walking through my local Mart store and was involuntary drawn to the
sporting goods section (this always happens and I have spoken to my Doctor about it….apparently there is no cure yet).
I spied the GERBER end cap of Bear (EDDIE)
Grylls toys. Now, I have never tip toed around my feeling for this young man.
I find him obnoxious and self-serving.
His antics while entertaining demonstrate very little of what a true survivor
should consider in an emergency situation. In short he is eye candy for
armchair adventures but NOT a practical teacher. Sorry my English cousin.
The Bear Grylls tools sold by GERBER are fun and useful in most respects but the BG turns me off enough for me to ignore anything of that line. I have however found an exception?
The GERBER Survivor hand torch.
Basically a task light on steroids. Like the smaller version of this light, it sports no bezel and is made of aluminum. The twist is the addition of a match compartment in the tailpiece. Both the tail piece and light head are sealed with rubber O rings to keep the insides dry.
The barrel has zero taper (which I like for holding in your teeth) and sports a lanyard hole.
A silicone type rubber grip gives fair handling characteristics and both ends are knurled to help with manipulation when wet.
Run time is in the eight hour range and output is very good for average camp tasks or trail navigation.
The GERBER Survivor torch comes with five (5) lifeboat type matches and a strike card in a small sealed plastic envelope as well as a tiny zip bag of cotton fiber. I have added a ball of drier lint (my favorite tinder) which fits well under the tail cap. The body of the Survivor torch is anodized in a vibrant orange that is hard to miss. I like equipment that is easy to find. The light is impressive for the price (which I purchased from the reduced rack) and I have seen the price vary in wide swings from as much as $32 to half that.

The down side:
As I noted earlier, the business end of the light has no bezel, a recessed cone protects the LED which is exposed and actually rises out of the body of the light. In truth I must tell you that I noted this future when I purchased my original GERBER Task light and was concerned if it would prove problematic with rough handling. It never has.
What I do see as a fault it the design is that this “cone” is anodized the same color as the rest of the flash light. If it was reflective instead of orange or black as it is with the original light, usable light could only be improved.