THE POCKET COOKER is a Lite Wood Burning Stove that folds

I've Got Wood!
and I'm gonna burn it in my new camp stove, I have seen vids and read several things about the "POCKET COOKER" = P C
I just had to try one, so I dropped a twenty pound hint on the family toes.....Dad needs a new toy. When Christmas arrived so did my stove.
The Pocket Cooker is just a hobo stove but with a twist. It has a few things going for it that cans do not.
Firstly and most notably, it folds! yup comes in a nylon pouch all folded up about the size of two slices of bread. It looks like a puzzle or an origami project gone terribly wrong.
Secondly, its a "Volcano" design. It concentrates its flame / heat directly under your cup/pot.
Thirdly it's vented more then a Deer Crossing sign on a Pennsylvania back road (trigger happy boys in Pennsylvania)
Click play for video

Some might be tempted to look on the Pocket Cooker as some $12 gimmick, not so. The thing really has a use and a place in my pack.
As always, the wood burner is a dirty stove even when its behaving its self. The PC is no exception however if burning non resinous wood, the mess is reduced to ash only. The pine cones made a slight mess.

Sooty but economical and easy to feed.

The big surprise was how easy it was to use, I had more trouble unfolding the thing then anything else. It fired up fast and self stoked so all I had to do was post some fuel into the gap under my cup. I did not like the tipsy top design of the stove, its only four folded feet that you must balance your cup/pot on. I overcame the small design fault.

A stupid little devise or a pretty cool idea?

Pine cones and tea bags

Now all I need is a folding crumpet maker

Thumbs up for the Pocket Cooker.

Safe travels.