What makes the whole affair tolerable is the Pack. They come in many sizes, shapes and styles.
I've used them all from military LBE (Load Bering Equipment AKA ill designed back breakers) to high tech alpine climbing rucks.

The A.L.I.C.E. pack was my first serious backpack.
All purpose, Lite weight,Individual,Carrying, Equipment.
Who thinks these names up anyway?
ALICE how sweet.........why not BOB the back pack?

It left me feeling beat up, tired and sore. It rolled on my back like an over sized beach ball with straps. No sense of balance or "feel" for the load (which shifted like a listing ship) It had little adjustments and cut off circulation. The only good thing I can say about them was.....................
Well okay, I can't think of anything right now but I'm sure they were good-alright-hmm Green
They sucked!

Packs should be chosen against their intended use and like Golf clubs, a selection should be available to the Common Outdoors Person to suit the job.

The most "common" pack for weekend use is of course the DAY PACK.
Every school kid carries a Day pack these days. Choose wisely, look for good suspension and stitching, Padded shoulder straps and stay away from anything with "Barnie" printed on it.

The Panel back Day pack is handy for semi light loads.The panel may give if over stuffed so keep your load proportioned.
It's a "DAY PACK"

The "TOP LOADER" is tough but one must dig for stuff, they are MUCH stronger and better suited for multi day trips. This pack can access the main load compartment from top OR bottom.

The "Fanny Pack" (should always be worn up front not rear)
is the lightest of the carrying systems. Just enough for a camera or survival kit and when used as you see here in conjunction with other systems like a binocular harness and a Hydration pack, you are light and fast moving.

Sam sports 30 Lbs plus of kit for a weekend trip but his pack's superior design allows him to "ware" the load rather then carry it. It is stable and comfy. I carried about 45 Lbs on this trip but the load was no great burden at all.

Don't feel sorry for him and don't think he's not enjoying every minute of it, he's having a blast!

Safe Travels