A Walk In The Gorge

Kaaterskill Falls
are the highest set of water falls in New York State, higher even then the great Niagara.

Sam and I decided on a whim to have a look.

The gorge itself is worth the trip even if one never reached the celebrated falls. Cool and deep and littered with mountain laurel and boulders the size of small automobiles. The trail twists and climbs following the water course towards the thundering sound of the first of two falls, one on the others shoulders proudly cutting the stone as it goes along.

Sam registers us at the trail head. The beautiful greens and blues of the water were accentuated by the stream's frozen minerals.

The trail was icy but we had not counted on it being so bad, we took only one trekking pole each instead of the customary two (dopes) it made for a slick and challenging trip.

No crampons and only one Pole made Sam look like a candidate for the ministry of silly walks.

Of course my cat like agility and mountain goat like sure footed technique enabled me to fly over the icy path.

I only fell once, and really felt stupid.

As luck would have it we were alone in the gorge. I can't think of anything I love more then when Sam and I start our giggling and clowning around (with safety in mind of course) this was the perfect place to be a jerk with your son. We had a great time.

At times, Sam thinks hes Captain Morgan.

These shots just don't do the place justice, it's beauty is bigger then life. The canyon walls are alive with roots and vines twisting their way towards the water, the ground heaves under the constant erosion.

The falls in our reach and yet not.

With the trail frozen over this was to be as far as we go, just under the lower falls we take our lunch before returning down the gorge to the parking lot and a warm drink.

I Hate Sub Sandwiches

Too bad the warm drink was soda.......

We really need to come back in the spring.