The BIG Orange Strap!

Not many people like me but a few think I’m special (which we know I am).
Last year a friend gave me a gift I’m ashamed to say I’m just getting around to using. It was a wrist band for active sports enthusiasts like me.
The SPORT STRAP is designed to protect your chronograph from
bumps and bangs. It comes in several colors but knowing my unnatural attraction
to the color Orange, my gift was just that…BRIGHT ORANGE!
The strap is like many I have seen over the years. A Velcro closure holds a flap over the watch/compass/weather instrument until needed then it is simply pealed back for a peek.
However the SPORT STRAP has an almost pillow like cushion that protects the instrument very well indeed, this is much more than a scratch guard.
I have decided to carry my TIMEX EXPEDITION on this band. This particular model the M540-V7 is a thick chrono probably due to its silent vibration alarm capability, however it fits
as if custom made.
The SPORT STRAP is nicely appointed with reflective piping
and tape as well, you know I love that. A very well thought out and produced
piece of kit.
If you are a climber, kayaker or just a clumsy
hiker/camper, the SPORT STRAP might be worth a look.