HOBO fishing at the "Y"

wilderness skills class.....and stuff

Another day spent with the kids.
Today's lesson was Hobo fishing, an idea that did not automatically instill much confidence in the kids or the counselors. After a bit of practise and a change in location (thanks Dan) we found fish and connected!
For Those not "in the know" Hobo fishing utilizes mono filament line wrapped around a can (which is the reel) and a simple lure, in this case a marabou jig which is cast by hand and retrieved with a re-wrapping motion around the can. By varying the speed of the retrieval, depth can be varied and fish located. "Playing" the fish is a technique that just can't be described, it must be experienced.

Camp Counselor "Dani" had just learned this technique earlier this morning, by lunch time she was an expert! Now it will be her job to spread the knowledge and pass on the skill / fun.
There is nothing sporting about catching fish this way, it truly is a sustenance exorcise. However it can be great fun. Blue Gill were the order of the day, but this fine pan sized Perch would have made a great lunch.

Most days I'm just a fat guy in a funny hat, today I was a teacher and maybe a mentor. I like that. I doubt these kids will ever look at an aluminium can the same way again. Thank you very much.
After four classes of can fishing, I was glad I had a bit of time to meet with some of the kids to talk about "survival kits" and even had some time to discuss snare design with some of the counselors. It was a full day for me, and I'm sure thought provoking for the kids.

A great day of fishing

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