In my seemingly never ending search for quality affordable equipment and my incurable addiction to load bearing equipment (backpacks) I was lucky enough to find a lumbar (Butt Bag) type day pack or "Lite Hiker" about six months ago that really caught my eye and after some testing via regular use I can now recommend.
The Kelty JAUNT, is the bag and like most things that interest me, it is a bit different. The Jaunt is one of a line created by renowned pack maker Kelty for use as a minimalist carrying system.
The pack is attractive, well laid out and built to provide long life even with regular hard use.
With a textile count of 600 denier ripstop and "Oxford" polyester (whatever that is) the bag seems more then a little tough and smart looking I might add. The Brown (Kelty calls it Bronze) and grey give it a desert camo kind of look but it fits in urban environments just as well.
The Bag lay out is simple and that's what appeals to me. A large main compartment holds the larger items I tote. Under the top cover is a sort of flap pocket that I use for pens, and items of that size and shape. A smaller elastic inside slash pocket holds flat paper type items like passport, I.D. and my Ranger counting beads (yeah I know real kool).
A slightly smaller outer pocket holds those items needed quickly like small flashlight or keys. I keep a micro tool kit in here as well.
I Like the Jaunt, it fits so nicely into my EDC that I actually use two. One is for trekking in the suburbs and one I use for more urban (Man Bag) type service.
A GPS and my usual list of thirty items not to leave home without are in bag number one. A scanner and my "urban" survival items are in bag number two. I carry one of these bags almost every day.
Now for the "carry" itself. The Jaunt is exceedingly well designed for comfy load bearing. Over sized hip belt with load transfer straps help the bag conform to the shape of your body and distribute the felt weight across the hips very well. A padded shoulder strap helps keep the bag in place while walking without transferring the load to the shoulder and a arch shaped DELRIN ( a lite yet high strength homopolymer thermoplastic) support stave keep the bag erect against the spine. Hey this thing really works well too, the bag never settles low or hangs, in fact it's flexible and comfortable!
Mesh outer pockets with both elastic and Fastex type secured tape hold water bottles and glove or pepper spray type items that might be wet or otherwise not fit to carry inside the bag.
One bag is rigged for hiking the other for walking city streets, both ride securely and comfortably. I carry about four pounds of "things" in my EDC lumbar kits, these are perfect for the job.
Whether in the woods or in the crowds, the Jaunt fits in well as a Bug Out Bag, gear haul or even as a really cool Man purse. It is one of the few Lumbar packs that do what they claim to do and at a great price....one of my favorite features.
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