Rope Work

An unnamed friend (very mysterious) was asking about working with rope. As usual, we decided to take a walk.

My childhood friend Russell had the day off so we grabbed some simple gear and headed off to jump off something. All the regular walls were unavailable or inaccessible so we opted for some boulder bounding at Rancho De Cerrajeria, an unnamed piece of private property where boys will be boys.

A tiny but beautiful waterfall was our back drop.

I thought the rope lesson went very well indeed, the icy rocks made for some interesting hops but we had a nice afternoon and enjoyed the day and the company.

Russ takes a jump

We love this time of the year, the cold air just smells better and the adrenaline running high helps keep you warm. The beauty of this area gives me pause. This is valuable time spent with friends.

The screwball finds a screw tree to sit in................figures!

What was unusual was the lack of photographs of
hhmmm The camera man is never in the shot! I made one or two nice bounces, but you'll just have to take my word for it.