My Cardiologist thinks I eat too many carbohydrates.
What can I say........The Man knows me.
I had been laid up after cardiac testing that left me sore and limping and bored!

I wanted to be outside but was not allowed to do much standing and walking was out of the question.

We were expecting some company and my wife (Super Red) was planning on baking a bread later in the day to have with coffee.

She had been experimenting with Amish style "cake" breads. out of desperation, I tried one in a cast iron Dutch Oven. With a bit of modification this could get interesting.

Fresh out of char coal brickets and with little wood to stoke my stove, I borrowed some from my family down the road. Splitting wood was less then fun with my recent procedure playing hell with my movements but I did the best I could, after all some of this blog IS devoted to Survival.

Sweet breads are one of my weaknesses, along with any other type of bread, pie, cake, bagels, muffins and rolls. well lets just say, if it comes from an oven I'm okay with it. Super Red is one heck of a baker and keeps me happy in that department.

Real Dutch Ovens have legs! camp style Dutch Ovens are used in the fire coals on the ground. I use a cast iron "Pot Belly" style stove to cook on my deck. Coals under the oven and some shoveled on top do a great job without having to wonder far from the kitchen, company or my cold drink. It's kind of like having all that rustic style cooking flavor without the big labor out lay. It's also nice to just sit there in the wood smoke and smell things progressing.

The batter for this particular bread was a bit runny for the Dutch Oven, so I added a bit more flour and other goodies just to stiffen it up a bit. It looked great!

Any time I can cook or eat outdoors is a treat for me. The fresh air and of course the scent of wood smoke is heavenly to my mind. The ash and clang of Cast Iron only seem to bring out more in the meal. I use white Gas Stove almost exclusively in the bush, but a camp fire whenever practical is always a welcome component. I cannot of course carry a cast Iron pot with me on my hikes (unless Sam packs it... Hmmm) but whenever I can, I bring them out to give them a workout and myself a treat.

WOW! I hope my company doesn't take too long getting here, they may end up having Jello!


ROUND TWO...............Ding!

TWO in the oven, I tried another Dutch Oven Bread the other day and found my primitive baking techniques improving.
I watched the temperature very closely and made sure the bottom was not over cooked.

It seems the more I try this, The better I get at it..............Sorry Doc,


Safe Travels