Out Of The Way Places

Not all conference rooms are stuffy places full of stuffy people that are full of themselves!

I like to draw upon the energy around me. Some times I just feel more civilized in a primitive environment. I can be myself without feeling I have to impress anyone (no stage=no show) Out of the way places and good friends bring out the best in me and others.

Here Bill and I enjoy a gourmet meal of apples and spring water. The walk was invigorating, the snack fulfilling, the company first rate and the views spectacular.

This area is just a few miles from my home but due to it's topography men have found little use for it other then run off for a near by dam. The occasional Bald Eagle may go rushing by but that's a delightful distraction, its a pretty out of the way place where one can enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.

I think some of the most effective communicating I ever do with my fellow man is along a river, across a campfire or under a tree.

Safe Travels