Not Really Brown Bagging It, But Close


We always work the menu into our trips. Food is an important factor of the adventure. I once made a chocolate Souffle with powdered eggs and Cocoa mix while on a trip in the Hudson Gorge. It was great, it was flat in shape and flavor but after ten days it was great!

Charley Cataldo my old Mentor once told me "you can eat almost anything that grows in the forest" some are rich in nutrition some merely filling, others may be poisonous, most just taste like crap!

As I've posted before I love the liquid gas stove. No other stove gives as much in all weather conditions or at any altitude. All you really need is just a way to boil water. Today a variety of foods are available in bags that need only hot water to be transformed into gourmet meals.

Sam enjoys some very good Alfredo noodles.
While I partake of some spicy Gumbo.

Of course you can do this kind of cooking on any efficient camp fire but the stove is just so fast and clean it relegates the fire to that of ambiance. Pack out your trash, this kind of foil bag will not burn.
We now use a vacuum bag sealing machine to "custom mix" our own favorite combinations. Soups, Stews, Rice combos even Powdered Eggs........not that bad really (bring Tabasco)

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