If I know anything about Flashlights it's this........
They can be heavy for their output.

The wilderness traveler has to consider what his/her needs might be before carrying what could very well be too much light. Usually searching a back pack or readying your bedroll is about the most you will ever really NEED a light for.
Of course if you are the type that feels compelled to swing your searchlight beam into the forest whenever you hear a twig snap, you may need super candle power. These are usually the same group that needs to look under the bed before going to sleep.

I find that a good LED lamp (standard incandescent bulbs are as obsolete as oil lamps) or two will serve you under nearly all conditions if thought out ahead of time. What's to think about? Lets look.

Hikers, Hunters, Campers and the like all have one thing in common.
They Move! A headlamp is indispensable. This Energizer Multi LED is the ticket. It sports two focused SPOT lights, two separate FLOOD light LEDs and two RED LEDs for saving night vision.
The out put is impressive, the head adjustable to point down for varied terrain and the band is comfy. Uses common AAA batteries.
Illumination range about ten yards.........not bad $20.00

For a sporty hand held focus adjustable beam in a small package with high out put (a full WATT) I like the Dorcy Mini, powered with three AAA batteries like the Energizer headlamp, it is easy to feed and sips power. The one WATT out put throws it's beam 100 ft...................believe it!
Price $10.00

My "Every Day Carry" light is a GERBER Infinity single LED lamp. It uses a single AA battery and lasts about..............forever.
The out put is more then fair and will keep you on the trail or get you out of a sudden "Dark" situation. It's built like a Tiger tank and has a pocket/hat brim clip. $25.00............gotta love it.

As a service light I carry a larger sized DORCY (one WATT) It's beam cannot be focused but it is concentrated to throw light about 125 ft. WOW! That's about what a standard four cell Mag Light will do but without the added weight.
Oh I still carry a Mag Light in the car for sleazebags and trail dogs but believe me I don't carry it around with me.
AAA batteries sip power and it has a pocket/belt clip.

If you haven't guessed I don't care much for rechargeable power cells. I like standard sized AAA or AA batteries that can be purchased anywhere and are easy to monitor. Rechargeable cells just die.............BANG! your light has a heart attack and you're in the dark. I hate surprises. If that happens, it's nice to be able to cannibalize batteries from another light.

Remember, when you're in the dark and you are the only one with a light.....you make the rules