Katadyn Hiker
Conversion - Modification, The "HIKER" is an excellent filter. Many wilderness travelers know and trust the HIKER and it's next generation incarnation the HIKER "PRO".
The "PRO" has a number of quick attachment points that make it convenient to affix to almost any water bottle/hydrator but its most important feature is a "pre-Filter" wrapped around the primary glass filter. This allows you to separate larger contaminates from the system before they reach the main filter body.
A very cool idea.
So cool in fact, I copied it and here is how I do it.
The filter of the Katadyn is rated to be 0.3 microns or as I refer to it THREE MICRONS we all know about the zero point sizing. Katadyn makes no reference as to the micron value of their pre-filter, only that it saves the main filter some exposure and clean up time.
I make a pre-filter in the 0.7 micron or SEVEN MICRON size that knocks down the exposure of contaminants to the primary filter CONSIDERABLY!

Beyond the pre-filter card, I also take steps to pre-filter the intake line as well. Katadyn supplies a screen type cylinder as a catch for it's intake line. This works but after some time needs to be cleaned. In particularly slimy water it may need immediate attention before it can be used again.

So I found that wrapping the intake line with material that can be cleaned or changed made the job easier. The pantie hose works like a charm. Bring on the swamp water.

Three of these pantie hose covers usually will last me a year of regular use.
As if the Hiker was not enough, in my paranoia I chemically treat the raw intake with Aerobic Oxygen, Iodine and or Bleach before I pump it through the filter.

This I am confident provides me with safe, fresh tasting "sterile" H2O while in the bush.

Lugol's iodine solution was once used as a disinfectant but tastes like s*@& as does Halazone but is stable in the long term. If you like the smell and taste of month old pool water then Halazone is the treatment for you. The HIKER and HIKER PRO will clean up the taste.

We learn by listening and watching, experimenting and testing but above all by sharing. A good idea is worth stealing anytime.

Safe travels