Family Faces

The tribe gathers for the hunt:

Brother John rests after stump jumpin at the foot of the moutian. A great time was had by both of us. As it turned out, he took a nice young buck in this area. I can't wait to go again.

Sam, like his Father loves the outdoors. Hiking/Camping/Fishing or Hunting it's all the same to him. This trip was no different. I waiting until 03:30 before waking him, I figured he needed the extra sleep. He did.

Never the less he went along for the ride.

One of our favorite spots over looks a swampy area under the cliff. The rain water running off the mountain keeps this area damp and mossy, quiet and still. It has been a spot used for breeding in the past. A fine scrape kept me returning each season and this one was no different.

With our backs to a friendly rock to break the wind and shadow us from the rising sun, it watches over a convergence in a thin trail. To spite the abundance of tree Nazis (red squirrels) that sound an alarm if you fart off key this is a great spot.

Walking in the forest with your Son is like teaching each other how to lead and follow. Each in his time and at his own pace.

Every Father hopes his son will follow in his foot steps some day in some way. This is a start.

The EYEs Have it.

The Red Gods were not kind to us, no deer hung from our meat pole. Thanks to the PBandJ Gods we survived.

Yumm Yumm Frozen PBnJ

Hunting is very much a solitary pursuit but it started as a tribal event. This is my tribe.

A Beautiful Day to watch the sun move across the forest floor

Walking with Family, sharing the
sights, sounds, smells

and sensations of the forest

We are hunters. The Game eludes us and we respect it for that, never the less we enjoy the hunt. As part of the environment, we touch a piece be it small of our past, a past that still now calls to us to forage, gather and collect meat as we can. But mostly we are hunters.

Stay safe