The White Gas Stove

The Gods gave Man Fire (Lightning from the sky)
Man harnessed Fire and made Steam (burning Wood / Coal)
Steam gave Man Electricity and the power to mass produce other machines even conquer the Atom!

kool huh?

And someplace during all that a man named Coleman invented the white gas lantern and the Gods looked down and knew they had not wasted their time.

It wasn't long after Mr. Coleman's lantern that he came up with the stove. A simple yet nearly perfect device in both form and function. Some men tinker with Coo Coo Clocks, others mess with antique Italian sports Stoves.

I buy em at yard sale or E-bay and rebuild them, play with them and take them camping with me. I love taking an old stove that may not have seen use in years and bringing it out for a weekend of fun and food. The stoves, like old Cast Iron Pans just love the attention. The more you use em the better they are.

This page will show some of my favorite camp stoves. maybe they are not the lightest, quietest, koolest new bit of high tech kitchen gear one might posses but they are tough and dependable and in a survival situation they can save your life.
Lets look at some.

These stoves are for camping not carrying.

A 1970 Coleman 502

The Pocket Stove. Used in WWII and Korea

The Duel Gas Stove

These were and are the Classic American Stoves, Known for their reliability and long service life. However, across the pond those pesky European Alpine trekkers were craving hot Espresso and Tea and they had a few good ideas about how to get the job done.

Some really great gas Stoves were coming out of Germany and Switzerland and England.

Names like Optimus ,Primus and Svea were making reputations for the same reliability.

And earning it the hard altitude!

Not all American stoves have been what you might call a good idea, some were just dumb. As an example I present the gelled fuel stove. Stinky, slow cooking and heavy cans of gel, you needed allot.
Please note that I am a collector and this item is merely one of the many types of cooking kits I have found over the years, not something I'd place much stock in.

This will keep your pouched fish warm but not cook a meal in a wind.

This Coleman "Heat Drum" design was offered for a while but never really caught on. A 502 was marketed as the answer to the campers prayer, hot food and warm hands. I still see a few of these on frozen lakes each year, Ice fishermen like the idea.

This is a European Army mess kit complete with Alcohol Stove.
It's not a bad set up but to really "Cook" a meal requires much fuel as Alcohol burns cooler then Gas. They also hate the wind thus the wind screen.

Now the winners of the best all round Hiking, Camping, Survival my Opinion.

The Coleman "PEAK 1" Series Multi Fuel Stove!
Burns white gas, Automotive Gas, Kerosene. if this thing runs out of fuel just pull over to a station or farm (or friendly neighbor's tank) and fill up. No canisters-Bottles or gels. No worries about Cold or Altitude or the tank not being full enough to pressurize. Just cook with it and keep it clean!
It's light enough to carry anyplace Horizontally or Vertically and puts out plenty of BTUs even in a wind. These are tough stoves, built to handle the work load. I'd trust my life to them anytime. And for all you "cartridge stove whiners".......yes they do simmer, so piss off!

Try one
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