Hey! I'm over here!

Signals are so very important to the wilderness traveler yet it seems these tools are the most ignored and forgotten tools.

It's great if you are so at home in wild places that you could make a shelter and kick back for awhile but what if you wanted out, NEEDED OUT!

These tools will help you say HELP!

This is a STORM whistle, It's VERY loud.

Navy S.E.A.L. teams training under water are called back to the surface by their instructors with this whistle.

Much louder then the human voice and easier on the vocal cords, it is about a kazillion dbs.
The first time I ever blew one of these things my dog ran away with his tail tucked low.

I miss that dog.

Flash Mirrors have been around forever and work wonders at extreme range. The flash from a heliograph (mirror) can be seen a hundred miles away by aircraft.

The mirror on the left is from WWII and is made of glass.
The smaller mirror is circa Vietnam and is also made of glass.

Both do a great job but are fragile.

This reflector is made of Polycarbonate and is practically indestructible.
The reverse side is Red for use at night with a light source (flashlight)

If you really need to attract some attention you might use a "FIRE FLY" strobe. This piece of military kit was carried by downed pilots and Ranger teams seeking extraction.
The output of these little lights is dazzling and can be seen for many miles. They are weather/sea water proof and once activated will run for about two days before giving up the (your) ghost.

I have a few of these units and will provide them to group members when we risk separation.

Aerial signal flares..........Wow how illuminating.

Flares like these are suitable for boaters and open areas, be sure they are rated for "over land" use. We don't want to burn the forest down.

Although that WILL get you noticed.

My favorite flare kit is the TRU-FLARE pen style signal. With an altitude of 300 ft and guaranteed to come down cold, it has everything I look for in a pyrotechnic signal devise.


The military style smoke signal has been used to identify ground troops as in the movie Apocalypse Now. But is also used by forest fire fighters and rescue crews.

High volume output make these babies THE day time attractant but they are expensive and a fire hazard to under brush.

Last on my list is DYE MARKER. A harmless chemical compound with one interesting distinction. If you mix it with water it turns an annoying "antifreeze" green color.

Just a little bit goes a long way.

Try not to get it on your hands or you'll be going to the next Halloween party as the Grinch!

Dye marker is not just for water.............

............broadcast some over the snow and you'll stick out


Safe Travels